Friday, October 16, 2009

Where did this week go. I can't believe that it is Friday already, and I didn't get any scrapping done. I did get a ton of other stuff done though. Last weekend was Jeff's final race of the year, which ending up being cancelled halfway through do to the weather, but it didn't matter anyways as he already had the points all wrapped up and won his third straight MSDRS championship !!

I also got all of our Halloween decorations up this week, and I realized that I don't have as many as I thought I did. Time to make some more this weekend.

Jeff and I have also been on a cleaning spree, we have company staying with us this weekend for the snow show, and I was sick of what our house looked like. Jeff finally cleanesd out his closet and got rid of tons of stuff, we steam cleaned the carpets, gave both stinky dogs a bath, and got everything back into it's place. I still have some floors to scrub, but it looks so much nicer, now if we can only keep it that way (fingers crossed).

I should be able to get some scrapping done this weekend, it's supposed to be cold and rainy outside, and we have our first Halloween party on Saturday. I can't wait, the decorations that this couple puts up for Halloween are amazing and I will be taking tons of pictures !!
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